by Ancient History

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released 12 February 2015



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Ancient History Brooklyn, New York

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From this generator I see it all;
the car windows no one knows who broke.
When I left the comfort of the patio
you emerged out of the smoke.
You emerged out of the smoke
and you'd taken all the ribbons from your coat.
Triple digit summers in the practice room;
from this generator I reminisce.
When a windy day took the PA to the concrete
you pinned another ribbon to your chest.
You pinned another ribbon to your chest
and took a drag from your jazz cigarette.
Jameson gave me a couple timbales a couple of birthdays back,
now they're banging around in the backseat.
The liberty lady has her back turned.
She turned her back on me.
I watch her fade away in the rearview. I try to adhere to
a series of checkpoints, a series of of rolled joints;
a hotel in New Jersey. I locked the keys in the van in Virginia.
Well, I'm happy to be here but I never could not look back.
I'm on the track and I can hear the freight train.
Down by the water I saw your father.
The night that we went back and tracked down the spare key,
we made it look easy. Memory recorded
the sound of the windows breaking as we ran off.
I remember the smell of the carpet burning.
I worked for a sad man that could not walk four blocks.
He talks with such violence. He thought that it made sense.
He may know the business but he won't be laughing,
dying alone, not a picture around him.
Twentieth century fox on the skyline,
she only sleeps naked, I know I'm right this time.
MTA Incorporated at a $29.99 room in
western Texas, Potter County.
Don't say you're sorry for nothing, not holes in the ceiling.
Down by the water I saw our daughter.
Track Name: PICO & GRAND
Not a thing to wear, thought you didn't care.
All the people there felt so far away.
Took a taxi cab to Pico and Grand.
You're a little mad, but it goes away.
California air, no idea where
he is taking you. Gotta pay the fare.
In the backseat there is no beat.
Listen to the street like you always do.
And so I know,
where the day went,
and why you spend so many hours below.
Track Name: LAST OF YOU
Baby, I don't feel like a man in the morning.
The woman I want is not the woman next to me.
Baby, don't you worry. Why would you ever worry?
I will take you in and you will shut me down
whenever you're in town,
in your wedding gown.
Have they seen the last of you?
Is everything ending? Is it already over?
I am sleeping in the car. I am parked on the shoulder,
no colder than it ever was.
We could be on a rooftop, could be staring across
all the neighborhoods we lived in before they got lost.
That's the price you pay. That's the cost.
Have they seen the last of you?
Crazy lady staring down the fleet,
please protect my bare feet in this
black and white cartoon.
Patron saint of March, April, May and June,
the other afternoon she had a
white coat hanger on her head.
When my heart explodes write my name in the red.
Officer, she's face down in the Archive again.
Crazy lady's boyfriend calls a car.
He's on his way to JFK with her
medication card.
Patron saint of the picture that must paint,
kings of hearts in central parks;
even now I can't hold back.
When my heart explodes write my name in the black.
Doctor, call her family. They want her back.
Track Name: PRAIRIE
Stood in every prairie, stayed out every night,
ate your poison berries knowing you would not survive,
but aren't you happy now? It's good to be alive.
Found your perfect body, made a fire in the pines,
burned your winter clothing knowing you would not survive,
well, aren't you happy now? It's good to be alive.
Walked down in the valley, sharpened all your knives,
stabbed them in your belly knowing you would not survive.
Aren't you happy now? It's good to be alive.
Laura, I'm in my new place,
smoking on the fire escape,
and I really want to love you, oh, oh oh.
But people come and they go.
I hear voices down below,
the old men argue in the snow,
and Laura I've been working, hey, hey, hey,
for the devil every day.
I recite the same few lines
for the hundred-millioneth time.
Sam's old apartment was gutted. Alarms went off
inside the station across from the location.
She knows the regulars, residents, deathkillers.
Everybody saw you there,
now everybody know you're alive.
They saw you as you drove away,
now everybody knows you can drive.
An upside down exit sign and some girl from Texas I
washed in the rain on the frame of a diesel truck.
Everybody saw you there,
now everybody know you're a mess.
They smell the alcohol in your hair,
they saw the blood on your dress.
Track Name: INTRO SONG
Ready and able, under the table,
down in the Rabbit Club, on a habit.
Streetlight and snowfall, back to the brick wall.
"You're friends are waiting," you were explaining.
My whole body loves your dirty floor.
My memory loves your body more.
All things in time girl, it's such a fine world.
The 'up-on-the-west-side' box by your bedside.
My whole body loves your dirty floor.
My memory loves your body more.
I wave to Maravilla every time I drive by
and blow by the corner where the old woman died.
Nobody was thinking she spent the day drinking
until she floated away.
High up in the cheap seats watching them build
houses up the mountains and resort hotels,
we could never figure out why anyone would ever want
to come to this place.
The lady yelled "Jevohah!" at a quarter to five.
From a bridge above the freeway
we are looking alive,
making copies of the night before.
I wave to Maravilla every time I come back.
Her bedroom window is still painted black.
We could never figure out why anyone would ever want
to stay in this place.